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Biography of Dr. Mary Williams Murray

Dr. Murray is a Wife, Mother, Co-pastor, Minister of the Gospel, School Teacher, Singer, Songwriter, Administrator, Published Author, Leadership Trainer, John Maxwell and Barbara Wainright Certified Professional Master Life Coach. Dr. Murray’s vision is designed to mentor, train, minister, cultivate awareness, educate, empower, and implement proven strategies to build women, and put into motion professional resources, educational workshops and seminars. In three words, she strives to Train, Collaborate, and Teach.


Dr. Mary has been an effective leader for over 50 years. As a young child age 6 years old growing up in a small neighborhood, she was called upon to teach other children and help them with homework to improve their academic achievements. Not knowing the impact she had on children five, six, and seven years old in her community motivated by her primary teachers, she developed a love for reading and leading…